My name is Walter Hoffman and I have been collecting knives since 1983.

I have surfed giant waves at Makaha Beach in Hawaii. I have free dived to 100 feet looking for record game fish. I have raced motorcycles across the California and Nevada deserts. Nothing has given me greater pleasure and satisfaction than collecting knives.

I got into knife collecting as a diversion to my international textile business. I now have over 300 knives and am continually upgrading my collection.

On a trip to the Orient, I was exposed to a beautiful knife collection that belonged to one of my customers. As he explained the intricacies of forged steel, engraving and utility, I was spellbound.

I purchased my first knife from Fred Carter and had to wait for 3 years to take delivery. If nothing else, I learned that quality isn't cheap and is worth waiting for. In 1985, I became an Honorary Member of the Knifemaker's Guild, and I have been learning and studying about knives ever since.

I would love to share my experience and knowledge to help you get started, to upgrade your collection or to help you add that one-of-a-kind piece to your collection.

Walter Hoffman
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